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Frederic Chanut Managing Director

Frederic Chanut
Managing Director

With more than 10-years experience in strategic online marketing for travel brands, Freddy is responsible for the strategic and operational management of in Marketing We Trust.

Paul Hewett Client Service Director

Paul Hewett
Client Service Director

Paul has more than a decade of agency management, working with brands to create marketing campaigns that work, blending insights from data with creative thinking and application.

Ben Weber Analytics Specialist

Ben Weber
Analytics Specialist

Ben’s passion for analytics and deriving insights and action from it helps us to deliver accurate, applicable data enabling our clients to optimise their performance.



Cecilia Cebada Senior Account Manager APAC

Cecilia Cebada
Senior Account Manager APAC

Cecilia utilises her management skills to make sure work gets delivered on time and on budget while keeping the client’s needs as her top priority to ensure their success.

Cody Miller Senior SEO

Cody Miller
Senior SEO

Cody is an experienced and seasoned SEO specialist. One of his tasks is looking after one of our agency’s most critical missions: the success of our client projects.

Gabriella Wong Digital Analyst

Gabriella Wong
Digital Analyst

Coming from an accounting background, Gabriella focuses on applying her numerical skills and attention to detail to support our analytics & CRO work.



James Bardsley Data Specialist

James Bardsley
Data Specialist

James comes from a strong data analytics and development background. He’s a data visualisation specialist and loves taking giant data sets and turning them into something a human being can understand.

Kirsten Tanner Content Marketer

Kirsten Tanner
Content Marketer

Kirsty is passionate about the entire creation and content marketing process, from creating compelling content, to editing, outreach and promotion.

Mathieu Degas Operations Manager

Mathieu Degas
Operations Manager

With a background in design and project management, Mathieu provides unique input to our work and makes sure everything runs smoothly for our clients.



Maxime Ouellette Optimisation Specialist

Maxime Ouellette
Digital Optimisation Specialist

Max’s experience in developing intelligent, functional, efficient and CRO focus sites gives us an edge to develop advanced technical SEO strategies.

Sebastien Hebert Digital Marketing

Sebastien Hebert
Digital Marketing

Sebastien is our Digital Marketing expert. He will also jump on any project that includes keyword research, landing pages, Adwords Campaigns or Social Media Advertising.


Scott Roy
Digital Optimisation Specialist

Scott utilises a technical, data-driven, approach to optimising digital strategies and campaigns so that our clients get the most ROI possible.


We have searched the globe to build a team of strategists, writers, creatives, data-geeks and tech-bods, providing us with unrivalled access to global travel markets and travel expertise.